Brand Matters: Rebranding Truths

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Here at Russell Herder we understand that developing a strong brand strategy is a complex process and requires a high-level of strategic thinking. For these reasons, we embrace learning from the experiences of others in the field.

Recently, Client Services Manager Anne Conley attended Brand Matters a speaker series that featured Allison Murn, former Vice President of Marketing at Cameron's Coffee. In many ways, we can relate. Here are a few key insights taken from the discussion:

There's no middle anymore

In our industry, we know the marketplace can be extremely saturated and highly competitive across a variety of categories. Your client could be considered a premium brand, or perhaps a value brand, but what about the middle? Cameron's Coffee saw an opportunity and took it, positioning themselves as a coffee brand that TASTES like a premium brand but is PRICED like a value brand.

Take BIG risks, but take calculated risks

Small changes tend to yield small return, which is okay in numerous cases depending on the size of the brand and the desires of the consumers. Sometimes a small change is what’s needed because you don’t want to tarnish or diminish an established, much-loved brand. Plus, big changes don’t always yield a big return. It's best to be mindful about taking calculated risks. How will this matter to your consumers?

Remember Tropicana? The passion and needs of those loyal consumers were overlooked. Allison said it best: "No one cares who you are until you have something they want. The consumers are in charge.”

Understand your consumers

Listen to your consumers. Understand your consumers. And more importantly, stop talking about yourselves for yourselves.

It doesn't matter what you are rebranding, the process fundamentals are the same.

5 R’s for Rebranding:

1. Research (who are you, who are your customers and how are they different from competitor customers?)

2. Reflect (who do you want to be and who do you want your customers to be?)

3. Redesign (brainstorming, drafting, evaluating, converging, aligning)

4. Refine (prepare for the real world — guidelines and style guide and testing)

5. Release (be strategic about the rebrand launch communication plan - engage with your consumers, and remember to listen)

We experience many of the same brand truths in the work for our clients' brands every day. Thanks, Brand Matters for sharing this important story.

Could your brand use a change? Big or little, we’re here to help.