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Want To Work At Russell Herder?

We are a collaborative agency providing market research, digital marketing, creative development, social media and public relations excellence to our clients. Our drive for opportunity and accountability means we never stop evolving. If you’re interested in joining a team like ours, please consider these current openings:


Current Openings:


Digital Strategist

Chances are you know a lot more about digital than most people. Are you okay with that? Can you develop digital campaigns, strategically create and disseminate content, monitor online communities and recognize opportunities, uncover other insights elsewhere, and analyze and assess metrics? And, most important, can you make that all make sense to our clients and provide them with measurable results?
As Digital Strategist at Minneapolis-based Russell Herder, you’ll troll research and analytic findings, explain their strategic/tactical marketing implications and identify how they can be used to create effective and efficient interactive marketing strategies. You’ll need to keep management informed of account activity, challenges, and opportunities.
To be considered, send your resume, cover letter, salary requirements to
Russell Herder is in the bustling International Market Square, immediately west of downtown Minneapolis. Happening vibe, free parking.

We are always looking for talented individuals to join our team. If you don’t see the exact position you’re looking for listed, feel free to submit your resume to and we’ll be happy to consider it.