Why Media Visibility is More Important Than Ever Before - Russell Herder
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Why Media Visibility is More Important Than Ever Before

There have never been more ways to tell your organization’s brand story, yet nothing carries as much value as positive media coverage. Securing and leveraging exposure from credible sources offers immediate impact, and long-term benefit.
But having a consistent, strategic plan in place is key to managing your message – and reaching news media, well connected online influencers and social media platforms. It’s essential to increased awareness and engagement. Already have a plan in place? We can help make sure it’s fully optimized, so the search engines will find your content. Consider these reasons to amplify your PR outreach, among many:
Heightened credibility – and the revenue that follows it.
The statistics speak for themselves. According to Nielsen, more than eight in 10 people consult others before choosing products and services. Whether it’s a health system trying to attract patients or a medical association wanting new members, media visibility places you high on their radar.
Greater access to qualified talent.
Hiring is increasingly difficult in today’s economy – especially since your best prospects are often prequalifying their job opportunities through networking and reputation. Well-placed media coverage gives you implicit third-party endorsement and can deliver top talent who wants to be affiliated with a high-performing organization.
Improved SEO.
Good PR is one of the most cost-effective, reliable ways to increase your website’s performance in terms of attraction-factor. To do so, be sure to fully optimize the links in all your earned media coverage.
Increased partnership opportunities.
Good partnerships start with shared values. Whether it’s finding like-minded relationships to fulfill funding needs, expand services or reach certain demographic groups, success often begins with positive visibility. Media coverage sharing your organization’s strengths and point of view are crucial.

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