Building Homes – and Brands
Building Homes – and Brands
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Building Homes – and Brands

By April 14, 2017July 24th, 2019Built Environment

MDF. RTA. 12/3. HVAC. If you’ve clicked on the link to read this post, chances are you recognize these terms. How about the difference between boards, lumber and timber? How long do you need to calculate what’s half of 13-9/16”?* (Life’s too short, so we just grab a metric tape.)

You’re likely not looking for an agency to wire your garage or trim out your bi-folds, but because the team at Russell Herder can walk the building walk, we’re more effective at talking the building talk. Among our past and present clients are Marvin Windows, the American Society of Interior Designers and OSB manufacturer RoyOMartin. Our current staff has worked either for or at the agency of record for companies that include Andersen, Pella, Schlage, Irwin and Eastman. We’ve done websites, employee newsletters, white papers, media relations, trade shows, written webinars, honchoed social media, ghostwritten articles and even done an ad or two.

The depth and breadth of our experience reduces or all but eliminates a learning curve, so we can produce from the get-go. Perhaps it’s akin to the difference between scratching your head at the big box store, trying to calculate how much drywall you’re going to need for your project, and driving home to find it already schlepped, hung, taped and mudded.

*BTW, it took this writer two minutes to calculate that half of 13-9/16” is 6-25/32.”  It took him fifteen seconds to determine that half of its metric equivalent (344mm) is 172mm.