Client Highlights: Element Minneapolis Downtown | Timberland Partners Investments
Client Highlights: Element Minneapolis Downtown | Timberland Partners Investments
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Client Highlights: Element Minneapolis Downtown | Timberland Partners Investments

Stay in Your Element

Congratulations to our client, Element Minneapolis Downtown on opening the doors to Minnesota’s first Element hotel! Situated in the heart of the city, the Element is steps from Target Field along with the plethora of craft breweries, bars and restaurants in the favorite North Loop neighborhood.

And let’s not forget the city’s newest music venue, The Fillmore, is just around the corner from the hotel! Keeping your finger on the pulse of all that is happening in Minneapolis just got a whole lot easier, and comfier.

Why it matters:

Minneapolis has always been a bustling place, from sporting events to an ever-expanding craft beer scene, there’s certainly no shortage of live music or local foodie favorites! Now you can stay in your Element, conveniently connecting you with all this beautiful city has to offer right outside your window.

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Making a Masterful First Impression

“You never get a second chance to make a first impression.” – Will Rogers

Our client, Timberland Partners Investments, asked us to help engage potential investors with the launch of its latest multi-million-dollar real estate investment fund. Over the past few months, our team worked to elevate and differentiate Timberland Partners Investments, creating a distinct look and identity within the Timberland Partners brand. Through extensive interviews with current investors, as well as key stakeholders, we helped identify the core strengths of the brand, and how they could be best represented in every touchpoint. This in-depth effort included a website enhancement strategy to optimize user-experience and ensure all pertinent information was easily accessible. Our design team also created customized folders, business cards, a real estate fund overview brochure and more, to establish a seamless look and feel that truly exemplifies the Timberland Partners Investments brand.

Congratulations to Timberland Partners Investments for both the launch of your new website and your latest investment opportunity!

Why it matters:

An organization’s website and materials are often the first public face of their brand. As a result, these resources define a visitor’s first impression of a company. Aligning all touchpoints with your brand identity and providing a quality, streamlined experience for the user is a must. In working with Timberland Partners, this was accomplished. Those interested in investing can explore and learn about future opportunities while getting a true sense of what the Timberland Partners Investments brand truly represents.