Get to Know Our Newest Team Members
Get to Know Our Newest Team Members
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Get to Know Our Newest Team Members

By April 11, 2022April 13th, 2022Uncategorized

In 2022, we’ve welcomed three new hires in strategic roles: a new engagements manager, account executive and content developer.


Ben Fredericks, New Engagements Manager
Ben joined us in early January and is the first point of contact for all new clients onboarding at Russell Herder. Well-versed in effective process planning and follow-through, he holds a degree in communications and digital media studies from the University of Minnesota Twin-Cities. Bringing in-depth experience from previous project management roles, Ben has a thorough understanding of what needs to be done and is relied upon to execute solutions flawlessly. He’s always happy to chat and answer questions about Russell Herder, with insight about our process and possibilities. Outside the office, you can find him flipping through recipe books, cooking new dishes or crafting a cocktail at home.

Tiffany Tran, Account Executive
With a passion for creative thinking and a deep commitment to client success, Tiffany tackles hands-on client work with an eye for possibility. As an account executive, she’s responsible for bringing fresh insights to every meeting, offering direct support to client services and our project managers. Whether doing technical work or high-level planning, Tiffany is always focused on smooth processes and results that exceed the standard. In her free time, Tiffany enjoys painting, playing piano and baking — and lucky for her co-workers, she’s known to bring in treats to share with the office.

Ashley Grotewold, Content Developer
Our newest member of the team, Ashley uses clear and concise messaging that connect brands with their intended target audiences. Whether crafting a newsletter, social media post or blog, she writes engaging copy and ensures all content serves a purpose, tailoring unique goals to each platform. With extensive previous experience in the communications arena and beyond, Ashley can quickly synthesize complex information to develop clear, easily understandable messaging that resonates with intended readers. She’s also committed to and enthusiastic about creating captivating work, and able to expand on basic goals and ideas to incite action.

Her background in public relations and marketing emphasizing in mass communications gives her a proven track record of strategy with brand consistency and positive audience response.

When she’s not writing, Ashley enjoys broadway musicals, home renovation projects, audible-ing a good book, and spending time outdoors with her husband, new baby, and two dogs.