Maximize the Value of Your Photoshoot
Maximize the Value of Your Photoshoot
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Maximize the Value of Your Photoshoot

By May 24, 2022May 26th, 2022Uncategorized

You bring strategy to everything else. Here’s how to make photoshoots work for your brand.

Chances are, you’ve already thought about the role digital ads, email marketing and website presence play in your marketing strategy. When is the last time you considered the photos supporting it all? Organic photos that accurately represent your brand in a positive light build a strong connection between you and your audience, instantly showing them who you are without having to spell it out.

Even if you, your space, team, or services haven’t undergone significant changes since your last photoshoot, taking new photos every few years plays a crucial role in brand upkeep. Whether you’re aiming to highlight staff members, your workspace or customer relationships, defining a cohesive strategy and focusing on creative ways to showcase natural moments can lead to a fresh image that attracts your target audience.

Conducting such shoots are a frequent assignment at RH to help our clients quickly and easily share their brand environments. Especially over the COVID months, many businesses experienced a reduction in onsite visitors, making this kind of visual documentation for outreach purposes an even greater priority.

After spending time creating a strategic plan, Russell Herder spent a day capturing our own company photos in early April. These included headshots, interactive photos and building highlights, for a collection of images that offer a dynamic representation of our identity and atmosphere.

To create scenes and photos that capture personality and resonate with others, our photoshoot strategy centered on organic, upbeat moments. For attire, our team dressed as we normally would for a day in the office or offsite event, with a mix of bright and neutral colors that reflect different styles, rather than adhering to one dress code. Staff were photographed doing real work and having internal meetings, showcasing the creative discussion, organizational processes, and element of fun that’s true to our workplace.

When planning and executing a photoshoot, be sure to include variety. While brand identity standards need to be robust and consistently applied, photoshoots present an opportunity to expand beyond a limited color scheme or one type of setting. Exploring taking different shots and angles indoors, outside, and in a variety of situations will effectively make your brand identity feel adaptable, realistic and engaging — a definite upgrade to any marketing strategy.