Meet the Newest Faces of Russell Herder
Meet the Newest Faces of Russell Herder
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Meet the Newest Faces of Russell Herder

By January 4, 2023Uncategorized

We’ve added 5 experienced members to our team. Get to know them here.

Michelle Newlander, Production Manager
As a production manager, Michelle thrives in a role where every day is different from the last. She looks forward to experiencing new challenges she hasn’t previously encountered while working in advertising ­­­— the thrill of the ride fuels her passion for agency work and collaboration. Michelle’s comprehensive approach to project management is informed by her years working with visionary entrepreneur Horst Rechelbacher, founder of Aveda Corporation. When she’s not coming up with robust plans and timelines, you can find her enjoying estate sales or finding rare treasures at a thrift store.


Packy Savvenas, Senior Digital and Web Designer
Packy joins Russell Herder as a web designer skilled in taking companies’ brands and products to the next level. His experience building websites across a range of industries has cultivated his ability to create dynamic online solutions unique to each organization’s needs. As a “full stack” developer with years of experience, Packy is a master of multiple programming languages, able to tackle deep technical issues or design elegant responses to user demands. Packy has developed comprehensive web applications, websites for multiple industries, and is well-versed in SEO, with a deep interest in Google ranking and other search engines. Over the years, Packy has also photographed moose, grizzly bears and other wildlife, and been named a top-35 photographer two years in a row by “35awards”, a global photography competition.


Katelyn Conroy, Digital Director
Katelyn joins Russell Herder with deep digital marketing experience and a specialty in PPC (pay-per-click) campaigns. Her previous work includes both B2B and B2C clients as well as experience in DTC (Direct To Consumer) eCommerce. Katelyn’s account growth strategies are data-driven and developed through the lens of the larger digital strategy and customer journey to ensure achievement of organizational goals. She enjoys discussing and teaching all aspects of digital marketing, communicating effectively with those outside the digital marketing industry. Katelyn possesses the unique ability to convey vital technical information without excessive technical jargon. When she’s not working, Katelyn loves traveling and photography, all things French, and training Brazilian Jiu Jitsu.


Maddie Fetters, Social Media Strategist
As a social media strategist, Maddie brings each client’s missions and objectives to the forefront of messaging, amplifying their voice with creative assets. Pairing storytelling and strategy is her favorite part of the job — she enjoys exploring the endless ways to paint a picture using language, and landing on messaging that resonates with the intended target audience. Maddie’s previous social media experience runs the gamut, from cosmetology schools and plumbing companies, to manufacturing companies for concrete trucks. Outside of work, you can find her going for walks with her dog, Clyde, or watching the latest documentary about any and every topic.


Alex Greim, Copywriter
Alex hails from Germany, where he worked as a creative copywriter for both international agencies and smaller firms, developing multifaceted creative campaigns. Since moving to the U.S. eight years ago, he’s worked as a translator and copywriter for Gap Inc. and YouTube, and now brings his love for advertising to RH. Alex is especially inspired by classic radio commercials and long-copy print ads. Should he have any spare time, Alex can be found flyfishing, chasing pheasants, or refurbishing post-war, mass-produced bamboo fishing rods.