MVTA Connect Featured in StarTribune
MVTA Connect Featured in StarTribune
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MVTA Connect Featured in StarTribune

Minnesota Valley Transit Authority (MVTA) recently debuted its new pilot program MVTA Connect. The innovative, on-demand bus service expands MVTA’s service capabilities and improves public access to easy-to-use transportation. The Star Tribune recently published an article on MVTA Connect, detailing the service and how riders can schedule trips.

Russell Herder has developed and supported a variety of initiatives to reinforce MVTA’s commitment to industry-leading customer service. This work is focused on engaging riders and recruiting new riders located within the seven suburbs that make up MVTA’s service area. Earlier this year, the agency worked with MVTA on a global campaign built on the message of, “We Got This.”

As part of the work on developing the new campaign, Russell Herder provided focus group research and a full suite of creative elements, as well as targeted digital advertising and public and media relations to introduce the new tagline and brand refresh. Together these elements strengthen MVTA’s reputation as a reliable transportation partner that provides riders with an easy and relaxing way to get where they are going.