Noted Advocate Addresses the Russell Herder Team
Noted Advocate Addresses the Russell Herder Team
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Noted Advocate Addresses the Russell Herder Team

By March 28, 2017July 25th, 2019News

Russell Herder recently welcomed Ellie Krug, the transgender advocate, author and lawyer to our offices. She discussed the concept of Gray Area Thinking™, a tool for interacting with others in a mindful and compassionate way. As Ellie shared her personal story with us, it quickly became clear that Ellie is a sought-after speaker for good reason. Her presentation was not only engaging, it lead to a group activity exploring the natural biases and fears inherent in the human experience, as well as our individual strengths and liabilities. Overall, it was a profoundly moving experience for the entire team, leaving us all with a greater appreciation for the remarkable people we encounter each day, both in the office and the world at large. If you’re looking for a presentation that’s compelling, funny and entirely indelible, we couldn’t recommend Ellie Krug more highly.

To learn more about Ellie or her program visit her website at: