Russell Herder’s Work Wins Four Digital Health Awards
Russell Herder’s Work Wins Four Digital Health Awards
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Russell Herder’s Work Wins Four Digital Health Awards

By February 6, 2020February 19th, 2020Awards, Creative Development, Healthcare

Strategic marketing agency Russell Herder was recognized with four Digital Health Awards presented by the Health Information Resource Center. The annual competition recognizes the world’s best digital health resources.

The agency was recognized for its work on four campaigns that raise awareness around significant health issues.

Russell Herder and the University of Minnesota of Medical School teamed up on the Ask About Aspirin campaign. This educational initiative promoted the use of daily aspirin as a possible preventive measure for first heart attacks and strokes among specific age populations. The campaign received an award for the “Busy Morning” video, which depicts how easy it is to make daily aspirin use part of a regular routine.

Heart disease is the leading cause of death for men, women and most racial and ethnic groups in the U.S. In Minnesota, more than 18 percent of all deaths in the state are due to heart disease, the second leading cause of death behind cancer, according to statistics from the Minnesota Department of Health.

Russell Herder also worked with the Minnesota Office of Ombudsman for Mental Health and Developmental Disabilities on theTreat People Like People” campaign.

The initiative is raising awareness of abuse and neglect of people living with disabilities. It also educates people with disabilities, their families and guardians, mandated reporters and the general public on how to identify and report instances of abuse. RH produced a series of videos featuring interviews with vulnerable adults and their caregivers.

Allowing individuals to tell their own stories and share how they want – and deserve – to be treated lends the campaign an authentic voice.Using this cocreation process ensured that the voices of vulnerable adults would be truly heard. It also helps deliver the message that those living with a developmental disability, substance use disorder, mental illness or advanced age are not defined by their condition.

Finally, Russell Herder was recognized for its innovative work on two campaigns promoting substance abuse recovery with the Minnesota Department of Human Services (DHS.) RH created a special “Recovery Month” landing page for National Recovery Month. The page won an award in the microsite category. It provides resources both for people seeking information on recovery and treatment and for those seeking information on recovery and treatment for a loved one.

For the “Set You Free” campaign, RH and DHS collaborated with Minneapolis-based hip hop artist Danami-Maurice Champion to create a music video that celebrated the power of love and connection as part of an opioid recovery journey.

RH’s creative team interviewed several Minnesotans who shared their own family’s story of recovery. Those interviews were used in the video. Featuring the authentic voices of Minnesotans in the cocreation process grounded the campaign in reality.

The Digital Health Awards® program is organized by the Health Information Resource Center, a national clearinghouse for professionals who work in consumer health fields.