Strengthening Brand Identity With the Right Logo
Strengthening Brand Identity With the Right Logo
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Strengthening Brand Identity With the Right Logo

By March 22, 2022April 12th, 2022Uncategorized

Designing a new visual presence requires careful consideration. See the approach we took for Grand Ely Lodge.

A logo captures brand personality in less than a second — it’s often the first thing people see when visiting a website, and it tells others who you are without saying a word. Since visual identity speaks volumes, when brands invest in one that truly fits, it can elevate their presence by sending an authentic visual message. If a logo feels outdated or detached from the brand, a redesign can represent your business more accurately and build credibility.

We recently went through a rebranding process with Grand Ely Lodge, who decided it was time for an update to their logo and website. To fully reflect their modern space, amenities and centrality, we worked closely with them through a multi-step process to create a fresh logo that will stand the test of time.

After discussing goals, like appealing to a larger audience and metro travelers outside the area, our team created several curated mood boards for them to consider. These are a way to present broad visual options before gauging specific style preferences and narrowing things down. We also presented a spectrum of logo directions, ranging from minimal change to more radical departures from their existing version.

The final logo felt balanced, representing Grand Ely Lodge’s heritage while simultaneously looking forward. It kept their tree line motif, but with simpler lines and a more refreshed typeface for their wordmark. Maintaining clean, simple text makes it quickly identifiable and legible at different sizes. To better align with the resort’s physical building and atmosphere, we changed the colors with a modern palette that mimics the colors of the lodge.

To support a full refresh, we created supporting badge mock-ups that could be used for gift shop merchandise and promotional materials like stickers, patches, hats and shirts. We also made significant adjustments to the website with user friendliness in mind, making it easy to navigate with an updated look. We showcased more of the property and activities in the area so that site visitors could easily envision an enjoyable stay and become more enticed to plan a trip.

Since these updates have been implemented, the average time on page for Grand Ely Lodge has increased by 17% and the bounce rate has dropped by 6%. The new logo and website look have served our client well in their goal to attract a broader audience and establish greater credibility as one of the state’s premier resort destinations.