Our strengths are designed to complement yours, with extensive capabilities that are more than a list of ingredients. The way they are used, and in what combination, is what gives each client a proprietary, uniquely designed approach. Cookie cutters are for cookies. (Though we admit – at RH, baked goods are basically currency.)


Public Relations and Social Media

Whether you’re a startup or a Fortune 500 powerhouse, every brand has a story to tell. Drawing upon our local, regional and national networks, we’ll connect with high-visibility media and influential bloggers to bring it to life.

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How can you distinguish yourself in a crowded market? With creative work that transcends category phrases and business-speak. We proudly win our share of awards, but they’re always the byproduct of thorough research and creative planning. After all, it’s not our budget – it’s yours.

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The Web quickly evolved from a one-way communication vehicle into a multi-channel tour de force. Now, it’s a digital world, filled with competing voices, where getting noticed means talking with your audience, not at them. Our mission is simple: to engage your market with relevance and value.

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The heart of a successful strategy is precise market knowledge. It’s why our custom research and brand planning delivers the meaningful, actionable insights you need to make critical decisions. Designing, managing and executing qualitative or quantitative research studies is our specialty, helping you identify emerging challenges and untapped opportunities. Together, we’ll identify how, where and when to move your organization forward.

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Russell Herder

275 Market Street, Suite 319
Minneapolis, MN 55406

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You’ll find us on the third level of International Market Square; a building packed with studios and designers in the burgeoning Sumner/Glenwood district seemed like a great home for our creative offices. Quick access to major freeways, just down the street from the Target Center and our fabulous Twins stadium, right next to the Farmer’s market – what’s not to love? Though to tell the truth, they had us at free parking.

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