Community Engagement and Public Affairs

Shaping opinions. Mobilizing action. Driving results.

More than ever, it’s essential to talk with people in a meaningful way versus talking at them.

Whether it’s for health promotion, policy making, alignment around strategic initiatives, or another need, engaging with an audience should be a structured process that involves and evolves.

Russell Herder works deeply across urban and rural areas to gain meaningful, actionable insights through:

  • Issue presentations, public meetings, community outreach
  • Social media engagement
  • Messaging ideation
  • Award-winning awareness and advocacy campaigns
  • Policymakers and opinion leader relationship building
  • Issue tracking
  • Stakeholder mapping and engagement
  • Community engagement – immigrant, cultural, disability, elderly, youth
  • Addiction and health awareness outreach
  • Economic growth initiatives
  • Behavior change
  • Industry association coalition building
  • Internal team building

Successful community engagement can take many forms but always rests on collaboration, listening, learning and acting upon insights gained.

Leveraging our proven research processes, public affairs and creative capabilities, we represent government entities, associations and corporations needing to increase awareness, align points of view and deliver results.


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