Getting everyone to know the dangers.

What we did:

Market Research
Creative Development
Graphic Design
Public Relations
Social Media
Digital Marketing
Got Our Color Palette On

How do you meaningfully
combat a public health crisis?

Engage with the community
every step of the way.

Synthetic drugs.
Still terribly real.

Masquerading as “incense” or “bath salts,” synthetic drugs first appeared on the scene in gas stations and head shops. Next thing you know, emergency rooms were seeing people poisoned by mystery chemicals, with disastrous outcomes.

A single source of solid information.

In response to this issue, the state of Minnesota asked us to build a website to address the issue. We created “Know The Dangers”, a concept designed to offer useful content regarding synthetic drugs, and broad enough to accommodate any such public health challenges in the future.

If you want to be noticed, it’s gotta pop.

The internet does not reward timid voices. So we developed a visual iconography – a fancy way of saying cool graphics – to capture attention within our target audiences. This look was carried across everything we created. Drawing from the neon palette of the 80s, these visuals are hard to ignore.

It’s not about us.
It’s about them.

By listening to active users, parents, medical experts, and law enforcement, we learned message credibility was key. Partnering with organizations already respected in the community, we embarked on a strategy of co-creation – starting with an amazing mural – helping others spread the word within their own circles.

Targeted content helped spread the word.

We deployed a full awareness campaign, from print to video to digital, and everything in between. The messages we were sending out had live-saving potential, so we left no stone – or medium – unturned.

The work was a success and featured by CNN, The Wall Street Journal, and a host of other media outlets. While that was exciting, we were more pleased that the campaign steered a lot of people toward important, life-saving information.

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