Public Relations

Whether you’re a startup medical technology company or a Fortune 500 powerhouse, every brand has a story to tell. We’ll not only bring it to life, we’ll connect with influential bloggers and reach out to high-visibility media with relevant news, drawing from our local, regional and national network to build your brand.

From new product launches to customer and opinion research, B-to-B public relations entails depth and nuance, all of which feeds your bottom line. It’s a broad umbrella, incorporating social media platforms, strategic event planning, trade show visibility – all working to get the most from your investment. Corporate brand building defines your place in the market, while influencer outreach allows your strongest advocates to carry your message.

Engaging consumers means developing media outreach that’s relevant to their lives. From sponsorships and partnership development to loyalty  communications, we work with our clients to engage in meaningful consumer relationships. Online, it means targeting brand influencers and deploying powerful tactical efforts. This includes mobile marketing and social platforms designed to intersect with tangible opportunities, such as partnership alliances and street media.

Crisis and critical issues management
An organization’s reputation is a key facet of overall value. It makes a solid public relations strategy essential, from corporate events and milestones, such as mergers and acquisition, to organizational issues affecting public perception. These all require an action plan. This includes situation message framing and management, media training for key personnel, and rapid online/offline deployment.

Employee communications
Workplace satisfaction is vital to any organization, which makes engagement research a must. Qualitative and quantitative research yields information crucial to issue management, from print to online and video assets. It also demands social media communication training, to establish a meaningful, active presence on social platforms.

Social Responsibility
Cause-related communications are at least as nuanced as consumer messaging, encompassing community relations, capital campaigns, media engagement, or foundation messaging and outreach. Without a clear and sustained voice, organizations quickly lose focus, making a deep public relations strategy essential to perception and societal impact.