B Corporation

We’re a Certified B Corporation.

As one of 6,000 Certified B Corps across the globe and one of only a handful of B Corp agencies, we believe why and how we succeed is just as important as our bottom line.

What is a B Corp?

B Corporations are dedicated to positively impacting their employees, communities and environment by using their profits and talent as a force for good.

For us, it’s a commitment to a higher standard both in the work we deliver and the ethical manner in which we operate; a commitment to the growth and well-being of our employees; and a commitment to create a healthier, more equitable and more sustainable future.

“This is about getting results for our clients and paying attention to what really matters. For them, for each other, and for the world.”

Brian Herder

Partner, Chief Creative Officer

Why does being a Certified B Corp matter?

B Corp Certification is a reflection of a company’s ability to effectively influence real change through action. Rather than excelling in one isolated area, B Corps are evaluated across the organization as a whole, and receive guidance while being held accountable. Being a Certified B Corp means that our operations and business model continue to meet the highest standards of performance.

What does that mean at RH?

We’re part of a movement that not only has high standards, but believes living by them is the only option worth choosing. Because it’s not just about doing things — it’s about doing them in a way that creates new possibilities and improves the world at large.

Although we’re a for-profit company, we also donate our expertise to positively impact the arts, sustainability, and wellness. How are those three areas related?

The arts are about finding a voice, a celebration of insight and understanding. They inspire, and foster empathy.

Sustainability is about assuring a positive future, where business of all stripes can succeed and support the greater good.

Wellness is where these things converge, offering individuals the resources to build a life that’s worth living.