Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing

It’s a digital world filled with competing voices, where getting noticed means talking with your audience, not at them.

Our mission is simple: engage your markets with relevance and value. Every touch point must strengthen your relationships and reinforce brand credibility. Whether your organization is large or small, and wherever you are in the process of connecting with your audience, our digital advertising solutions will make a tangible impact.
Digital Marketing Strategy
Anyone can buy eyeballs. We find qualified prospects. We’ll work with you to determine your brand’s unique goals and objectives. Using our proprietary tools in tandem with existing market research, we’ll audit your current strategy across multiple digital touchpoints. Blending all of your unique brand information with ever-evolving industry best practices, we’ll identify the ideal platforms and develop impactful strategies to ensure your business pipeline keeps flowing.
Web Development
Websites are certainly important, but if people can’t find you, or the information they need, what’s the point? A solid digital marketing strategy starts with a full assessment of your digital home base – what’s working, what’s not. From responsive design (assuring your site will work on any mobile device) to user experience testing, we’ll evaluate the design, architecture, and content, and execute a plan to increase visibility and efficacy.
SEO Audit

Are you longing to appear as a top result on a search engine results page? That’s all about SEO, or Search Engine Optimization. We will provide a full SEO audit of your existing website, and review the findings together. This will include a keywords ranking recommendation and how to achieve it. The final audit will identify opportunities to update copy, assess the technical “back-end” of your website, as review how other websites online are affecting your SEO (and what to do about that!). Depending on your website’s size, function and the competitiveness of your brand’s industry, Russell Herder will recommend an annual, quarterly or monthly audit.

Paid Advertising
In the fast-moving world of paid advertising, also known as pay-per-click (PPC), hitting your ultimate business goal is the name of the game. Paid advertising is an umbrella term that includes both paid search and paid social content, which work together in a comprehensive ecosystem. Our team does so much more than simply implementing the digital strategy. We’re relentlessly A/B testing, daily assessing incoming data, and optimizing accounts to deliver ROI that meets both your short and long-term business goals.
Search Engine Marketing
The ability to reach your audience has become increasingly more complex – especially in the digital environment. Within business-to-business and consumer sectors, your success in being found relies on search engines. That’s where we come in. As a Google Partner, we deliver accountable, effective strategies to ensure maximum search engine visibility for your organization.
Paid Social
Traditional paid social media platforms are becoming increasingly saturated. Meanwhile, open access to online consumer behavior is on the decline. This makes a thorough strategy imperative; generating additional demand and awareness for your organization while growing your ROI takes partnership and planning.
Campaign Management
Proper campaign architecture. Account optimization. Website coding. There’s a lot to consider when building robust digital marketing campaigns. Our extensive experience constructing and maintaining online advertising programs means you can spend more time within your own areas of expertise.
We thrive on metrics – because if revenue isn’t increasing, everybody loses. Whether you’re after lead generation, online sales, brand awareness or cause support, we establish the terms for success and continually fine-tune your campaign to deliver results, monitoring new opportunities and technologies as they emerge.
Social Media

Organic social media is an essential facet to every digital marketing strategy, and unfortunately, not even the strongest ad campaign can succeed without organic social media. Why? It builds credibility for your brand and is often the first place consumers look once a paid ad grabs their attention. Internet savvy audiences tend to trust online brands that have a consistent social media presence.

Email Marketing
Email marketing is the unsung hero of the digital world. Even today, email marketing maintains the highest ROI of any digital channel – but only when executed correctly. That’s where having a strategic plan, first-class content, and dynamic graphics come into play. A comprehensive email marketing strategy has an effective opt-in and utilizes both automated flows and one-time-use campaigns, all with A/B testing.

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