Our strategies drive clients forward, creating work that matters by breaking boundaries, shaking up categories, and delivering impactful results.

Who are we?

A group that gets it done.

Thirty-eight years ago, our two original partners decided to start an agency founded on innovation. That singular focus made sure we were always a step ahead of the ever-shifting communications landscape – and eventually led to our pursuit of becoming a certified B Corporation. Today, we’re a crack group of professionals, unified by our determination to create disruptive messaging and work that actually matters. And we move fast. Like, blink-and-you’ll-miss-it, try-to-keep-up fast. We’re all about high-energy, good vibes, and happy clients.

Better work through chemistry.

Here’s the thing – we couldn’t be more different. Introverts, extroverts, talkers, parents, millennials, each with stories worthy of a Sundance screening. Yet we all come together with a shared passion for our craft and make it a priority to constantly improve our team chemistry. Naturally, we check all the fun boxes: potlucks, happy hours, vicious pinball rivalries – all of which goes a long way to producing great work. We love what we do, and who we do it with.

An agency that gives back.

We all have our passions, those areas where we choose to give back. From paid volunteer time off, to group activities that benefit our community, we believe it is our social responsibility to be about more than just our bottom line. And others have taken notice. For instance, Twin Cities Business named us a “Leader in Giving” for our philanthropic efforts. This kind of mission-driven approach may be a rarity in our industry, but it keeps us excited about what we do.

We don’t just
talk the talk.

One of a very few internationally certified B Corp ad agencies.

At Russell Herder, we firmly believe that why and how you succeed is just as important as your bottom line. Every day, we make a difference for our clients as well as making an impact on the world we live in. We work parallel with more than 4,400 internationally-certified B Corporations – one of very few in Minnesota. In simplest terms, B Corps are to business what USDA Organic is to milk. For-profit companies such as Patagonia, Athleta, Method, Ben & Jerry’s – and Russell Herder – are certified by an official independent assessment organization to meet rigorous standards of performance, ethics, accountability and transparency. We have been twice recognized as ‘Best for the World’ and in the top 10 percent of all Certified B Corps globally.

We advance economic sustainability, the arts, and health and wellness. And we measure our impact – all of it. Does working with a firm that walks the walk really matter? Absolutely. It brings the best and brightest to our door. And it assures you’re partnering with an ethically-driven team. Work with us and everybody wins.

What we can
do for you.

Brand Planning / Research

With a sound strategy and clear, measurable plan, you can accomplish nearly anything. Through meticulous research and an intimate knowledge of your brand and audience, our expert strategists and brand planners uncover actionable insights and turn them into powerful differentiators.


As master storytellers, our creative group develops breakthrough ideas to engage audiences and build brand relationships. We develop authentic, meaningful messaging that matters through inspired thinking and collaboration to give your brand what it needs to cut through the clutter.

Content / Social Media

With competing messages and shortened attention spans, it takes compelling content just to join the conversation. Inspiring, informative, hilarious or heartbreaking – it needs to stir the soul. Or stir the pot. Digital. Video. Print. Social. Experiential. No matter the medium, we can bring your message to life.


It’s a digital world, filled with competing voices, where getting noticed means talking with your audience, not at them. From website development, search engine optimization, campaign management, trackable metrics and more, our team will ensure that every digital touchpoint strengthens brand relationships and reinforces credibility.

Public Relations

Your reputation is your greatest possession. When it’s strong, anything is possible. But that takes thoughtful planning. What are your end goals? Is there a crisis plan in place? Smart PR gives you an opportunity to communicate effectively with all of your stakeholders and prospects – and our seasoned PR team makes it easy.

Media Strategy

What is a good media strategist worth? Every penny. Today’s media mix is a perpetually changing blend of options and metrics, designed to address exacting needs and concerns. We cover the full spectrum of media strategy, from hard analytics to savvy negotiation and placement. All to make sure you’re engaging exactly who you want, on their terms – and yours.

Get to know us
even better.


We know our stuff.
And we can prove it.

Start talking qualifications and people’s eyes glaze over. But we’re fully accredited by lots of impressive organizations, as well as being a proud member of the American Association of Advertising Agencies. From earning a “Best for the World” from B-Lab to our Google certifications and other professional accreditations, we have the credentials to open doors.

Honoree for Best For the World in Governance in 2019


The icing on top.

We believe a great idea doesn’t care where it comes from. It’s why we’re proud to have collaborated on so many compelling and innovative projects with our valued clients. We’re also grateful for numerous industry awards and recognitions. Although we don’t enter many competitions – the love of what we do is enough to keep us satisfied – we’re always humbled to receive accolades. Here are a few:

American Advertising Awards (ADDYs)
All Media Contest
Aster Awards
Building Products Digest
Cardiovascular Advertising Awards
Digital Health Awards
e-Healthcare Leadership Awards
Healthcare Advertising Awards
Innovators in Health and Wellness Award
MHSCN Award of Excellence
National Health Information Awards
National Council on Problem Gaming Awards
Service Industry Advertising Awards
Telly Awards
Web Health Awards


Our office may or may not be in an old underwear factory.

Russell Herder is located within International Market Square, the cornerstone of the Minneapolis Creative Corridor. Built in 1905, IMS is the largest commercial and residential design marketplace in the Upper Midwest and a hub of creativity. Home to more than 170 unique businesses – and a ghost named Basil – the dynamic complex features agencies, showrooms, studios, shops, galleries and restaurants. Oh, and it definitely used to be an underwear factory.