Is Russell Herder a person?

Sounds like it, but it’s actually the last names of our two founders, Carol Russell, and Brian Herder

Are Carol Russell and Brian Herder married, or what?

You might think so, but nope. Though 38 years as business partners can sometimes make it feel that way.

Does being a B Corp mean you only work for non-profits?

Definitely not. We actually work for more for-profit, bottom-line driven clients than we do non-profits. We love them all individually and as a group.

Where did Russell Herder start?

RH first opened its doors in Brainerd, Minnesota, 1984. It was the same year our beloved Walter Mondale lost to Ronald Reagan, and Prince introduced “Purple Rain.”

How many people work at RH?

The number varies, but these days, we’re hovering around 30 talented souls.

Why do you put so much emphasis on cocreation?

It’s about respect. When possible, we’d rather involve the people we need to engage than simply throw messages at them.

What is your favorite kind of work?

Work that matters. It may sound glib, but we mean it. We love work that makes a real difference in people lives.

What would surprise me about Russell Herder?

We once had a sister agency in Tokyo Japan.

Is it true Carol Russell is a beekeeper?

As if she doesn’t have enough to do, Carol does indeed keep her very own apiary.

She sells the honey via her young, entrepreneurial grandsons, and sometimes gives it away to a lucky few.

What do you love about the business you’re in?

There’s nothing like knowing that our thinking has actually made an impact (and having the metrics to back it up). It’s a privilege we don’t take for granted.

Do you have any favorite clients?

Hm. Does a parent have any favorite children? Hopefully not. We often say great clients get great work, and we do a lot of great work.