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Creative Development

How can you distinguish yourself in a crowded market?

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Digital Marketing

Getting noticed means talking with your audience, not at them.

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Market Research

The heart of a successful strategy is precise market knowledge.

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Public Relations/Social Media

Every brand has a story to tell.

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Nice Words

  • “We are impressed with your team’s level of professionalism and collaborative spirit; qualities that seem to be a rarity in some project environments.”

  • “I’ve given myself a challenge this morning…use words (of which I’m sure there are none) to adequately describe how thankful I am for your team. You came through in a big way for projects both in and out of scope, and served as an extension of our team.”

  • “You rolled up your sleeves and jumped into the trenches with me. I didn’t even get a chance to really ask for help, because you continuously offered, and I could tell you took pride in the work you produced every step of the way. You really came through for me and I simply can’t thank you enough.”

News and Updates

Celebrating The Power of the Printed Word: Part VIII

First-rate writing can lead to first-rate outcomes.

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Celebrating The Power of the Printed Word: Part VII

Write your business communication in straight lines.

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Russell Herder Welcomes Newest Additions

Exciting news about our most recent additions in several key job roles.

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Celebrating The Power of the Printed Word: Part VI

They became “classics” for a reason.

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Minnesota B Corporation Russell Herder Named to the “Best for the World” List

A prestigious honor for one of the few certified B-Corp strategic agencies in Minnesota.

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AURI Featured in Minnesota Business Magazine

The Agricultural Utilization Research Institute (AURI), is on a roll lately.

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