Odyssey Resorts​

Odyssey Resorts

Minnesota’s vacationing and travel landscape is not to be missed, and this collection of nine unforgettable properties has come to define that experience. Each has its own story, and all are part of the Odyssey Resorts family of premier destinations.

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Travel is definitely not a “one size fits all” category. A bespoke escape means not only having a variety of exceptional dining and activity options; it should allow you to customize your lodging and guided outdoor experiences to a nearly unlimited degree. More than this, it should all be easily accessible through an intuitive digital interface.
With something so rare and special, pictures are in order. Or in this case, stunning video assets and lots of user-generated content. The world needs more beauty, so we spread that gorgeous stuff everywhere, from social media platforms, emails and–websites, to out-of-home media.
It’s hard to beat a good old-fashioned road trip. It’s one of the best things about visiting an Odyssey property. To that end, we created a custom interactive map that allows guests to plan every mile, discovering the food, quirky attractions, historic locations, and lots more along the way.
Enjoying a little of Bay Lake and the North Shore from a sofa is an easy sell. It’s why our outreach in its many forms has proven so popular – and essential to sustaining a year-round guest relationship.
The result: Odyssey Resorts have become the premier Minnesota destination for families, outdoor enthusiasts, and relaxation seekers.

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