Timberland Partners

Timberland Partners

Since their first property acquisition in 1992, Timberland Partners has been providing exceptional living to families and individuals, as well as reliable investment opportunities with a high rate of return in the multifamily real estate sector. As they looked to grow and expand into new markets, they partnered with us to help develop, evolve and grow their brand and exceed their business goals.

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Timberland Partners does a lot. Housing. Investments. Operations. From field offices to their headquarters, and their many communities spread across the country, it’s a lot. To help clarify their offerings and structure, we helped them split their identity into 3 facets, each with its own unique audience and messaging nuances. 

The organizational shift was first implemented with our creation of three new identities and websites – Timberland Partners (corporate), Timberland Partners Investments, and Timberland Partners Communities.

To bolster their market presence, we evolved and strengthened their their brand identity through logo design, typography, graphic assets, photography, video, and more.
Capturing an audience’s attention in a crowded marketplace can be difficult, but videos get eyeballs. Since our partnership began, we’ve heavily utilized video as a way to reach each of Timberland’s specific audiences in an engaging way.
Creating separate social media identities for each facet of their company, combined with engaging content for each platform, has allowed Timberland Partners to connect with their audiences in a more targeted and meaningful way.
We’ve also implemented the enhanced brand identity and messaging across all other marketing materials, including print brochures, recruitment pieces, collateral, digital ads, live events, and much more.
Our work for has also extended to developing brand identities and marketing for individual communities – each with their own geographical and demographic nuances.
So what does it all add up to? Growth. Expansion. And most importantly, success.

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