Healing Hearts Connect

Healing Hearts Connection

Formerly Children’s Grief Connection, Healing Hearts Connection is a Minnesota-based organization dedicated to providing support and community for families who have experienced the loss of a loved one.

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Children’s Grief Connection faced a problem as they grew. The word ‘children’ was not fully representative of their services and future goals of serving not just families, but emerging adults and older individuals.

“As a small non-profit, this gift was priceless. The team was easy to work with and professional, and we feel they deeply understood our vision and truly got what we are all about. They delivered beyond our expectations and our entire organization has embraced our new look.” Jessica Moujouros, Executive Director

The new name creates an umbrella brand for the organization to expand from. Leading with the benefit, ‘Healing,’ as opposed to the driver, ‘Grief’ makes the organization approachable and allows the tagline to do the explaining.

The new brand mark is an evolution of the previous, nodding to the organization’s past while looking to the future. Brand colors were updated to meet the audience where they are. A warm orange gradient against a complementary navy creates a feeling of hope amidst stillness and times of mourning.
If only visually, we gave hope a new home and grieving hearts a growing space to heal. And that is a success.

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