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Packy Savvenas - Greek Mountain Man
Russell Herder Web Designer Packy Savvenas on Wildlife and Wireframes
It’s not often one gets to share office space with a mountain man. No, not Jeremiah Johnson – Packy Savvenas,...
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Generation AI
Marketers should use ChatGPT and other generative AIs thoughtfully. To paraphrase Jeff Goldblum in “Jurassic...
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Russell Herder - Ales
Russell Herder Copywriter Alex Greim on Creative Roots and the Value of Humor
A RH copywriter aus Deutschland explains his creative aesthetic and influential upbringing. If it’s true...
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Experience is everything. Here’s how it’s driving our newest team members to think and act boldly.
Packy Savvenas, Senior Digital and Web Designer Packy joins Russell Herder as a web designer skilled...
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Show Your Brand Some Online Love
Show Your Brand Some Online Love
Building your brand’s presence in the digital space risks the danger of a major pitfall: in an attempt...
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Key Lessons To Bring to Your Social Media Strategy
Riding the Waves of Change: Key Lessons To Bring to Your Social Media Strategy
It goes without saying that 2022 threw the social media world for a loop – but the tumult doesn’t have...
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Hard-to-Capture Audiences
Yes, It’s Possible: Capture Attention from Hard-to-Capture Audiences
Here’s why we chose A/B testing to create graphics farmers couldn’t ignore.   How much do you know...
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Say More With Fewer Words
Want to Say More With Fewer Words? Use Video.
People frequently claim “show, don’t tell.” Here’s how this approach worked for promoting visits to the...
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Organizations Recognized
Three Minnesota Organizations Recognized for Work to Raise Awareness of Critical Issues
Initiatives from the Minnesota Department of Health (MDH), Minnesota Department of Human Services (DHS)...
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