Russell Herder Partners with Clients on Covid-19 Campaigns
Russell Herder Partners with Clients on Covid-19 Campaigns
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Russell Herder Partners with Clients on Covid-19 Campaigns

Like all businesses, the past few months have been challenging for Russell Herder’s clients. A global pandemic is in no business’s marketing plan. The spread of Covid-19 forced our clients to adapt, respond and rethink how they do businesses in order to keep their doors open, and their customers and employees safe, usually overnight.

During times of uncertainty businesses of all sizes, in all industries, need clear messaging and a thorough understanding of their customers to be successful. Russell Herder is proud to have worked with many of our clients on Covid-19-specific marketing initiatives. These campaigns were produced on tight timelines but with the same strategic planning, goal setting, and accountability that we bring to all our work. We’re proud of what we have accomplished.

One example comes from our long-time client the Minnesota Valley Transit Authority (MVTA.) Recently, we produced a video with MVTA to detail the steps the organization is taking in response to Covid-19. With the guidance of state health officials, MVTA instituted new cleaning and disinfectant protocols for its buses and adjusted rider seating to ensure the safety of customers and staff. The video was shared on MVTA’s website and social media as part of education and outreach.

As our clients re-open and return to business in the new reality of Covid-19, we will continue to do what we do best: produce resonant messaging and advertising that yields results.

We accomplish this through collaboration and an investment in time and resources to understand each client’s unique challenges and opportunities and then to devise a custom strategy to meet those objectives.

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