Celebrating The Power of the Printed Word: Part 2
Celebrating The Power of the Printed Word: Part 2.

Here’s the second of 12 ads from the 1982 “Power of the Printed Word” campaign by International Paper Company. I’m offering the series as an inspiration to your staff, co-workers – and you – to communicate more effectively and understand the benefits of doing so – not just at work but in life.


Second in the series:  “How to punctuate” by Russell Baker

Punctuation can mean the difference between clarity and confusion. We’ve all seen the examples: “Let’s eat Mom.” vs. “Let’s eat, Mom.” Punctuation is also an opportunity to demonstrate consistency that your customer could rightly conclude is also present in the rest of the work you do for them. Baker’s tips are clear and easy to understand. Take a quick punctuation refresher!

Pull quote: “Sure, you can end (a sentence) with an exclamation point, but must you? Make your writing generate its own excitement. Filling the paper with !!!! won’t make up for what your writing has failed to do.”