Treat People Like People Featured in Star-Tribune
Treat People Like People Featured in Star-Tribune
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Treat People Like People Featured in Star-Tribune

By November 27, 2019December 2nd, 2019Creative Development, News

In partnership with the Minnesota Office of Ombudsman for Mental Health and Developmental Disabilities (OMHDD), we’re excited to announce the launch of a campaign to prevent the abuse and neglect of adults living with a disability. We worked directly with those most impacted by abuse and neglect, allowing their words and experiences drive the effort to change perceptions and behaviors. Using a co-creation process ensured that the voices of vulnerable adults would be truly heard. Those living with a developmental disability, substance use disorder, mental illness or old age are not defined by that condition.

Recently, the campaign was featured on the front page of the Minneapolis Star-Tribune. The article highlights the campaign’s mission as well as the story behind its creation.

Why It Matters

The abuse and neglect of those living with disabilities is a pervasive problem in Minnesota – and the U.S. This campaign sheds light on an issue too often dismissed, or worse, overlooked entirely. Allowing individuals to tell their own stories and share how they want – and deserve – to be treated can, and is, making a difference. The call to action is simple: Treat People Like People.

Take a minute to read our summary of this campaign and visit the campaign website at