Elevating a brand as the leader in multi-family real estate.

What we did:

Creative Development
Graphic Design
Website Development
Media Relations
Social Media
Digital Marketing
Deep Analytics

Since their first property acquisition in 1992, Timberland Partners has been providing prime residential living opportunities and giving investors reliable return on high-quality multifamily real estate investments.

The company sponsors and manages private real estate funds for properties over a broad geographical area that provide both consistent cash distributions and capital appreciation.

Increased Visibility
= Increased Success

The company has experienced significant growth over the past few years, reflected in a new website RH helped create. Complex strategies include two other websites designed for investors and community residents.

Let Others
Tell the Story.

In addition, media relations has been a high value component of outreach, as have a consistent email campaign, digital advertising and – importantly – giving voice to team members and investors. The Timberland story is a compelling one and, quite frankly, no one tells it better than those frontline.

Why is it all
working so well?

Leadership’s belief in the power of insights, targeted messaging and strategic engagement has been essential.

“What’s different about Timberland is their integrity, honesty and transparency. They’re just good people.”

— A Timberland Partners Investor

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