Three Tools for Effective Innovation
Three Tools for Effective Innovation
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Three Tools for Effective Innovation

By March 9, 2022March 10th, 2022Uncategorized

Bring your best ideas to life with these practical strategies.

When it comes to marketing, there’s no shortage of good ideas to explore. But choosing the ones with tangible potential and effectively executing them isn’t always as easy. Harvard Business Review recently published an article on this topic called “Stop Sabotaging Your Ability to Innovatewith tactful advice about overcoming fears of failure and where to focus energy. As a results-driven creative agency, we figured we’d add to the conversation with insight of our own. Here are three actionable ways to embrace innovation and see good ideas through.

1. Think long-term.
Brainstorming is exciting, especially when you land on a new opportunity that can make a big impact. But before venturing too far down a creative avenue, pause to look at the big picture and hone in on the details, mapping out all the components you’ll need. There are many steps between ideation and final impact, and this path likely won’t always be a straight line. Preparing for hurdles that might come up and making a holistic plan will set the stage to reach your goal and keep you from being blindsided with roadblocks in the process.

2. Ask for help.
Behind most good ideas are at least two — and often a team of — smart, dedicated people. If you’re optimistic about a new creative strategy, be sure to consult with a trusted contact or two. Talking though your thoughts with a partner or small group will allow you to identify things that could otherwise be overlooked. They may even share ways to add onto the foundation you’ve built with your original idea. No matter how experienced or creative you are, bringing in multiple perspectives is an invaluable way to elevate a concept with in-depth thinking that will benefit your target audience.

3. Listen to your gut instincts.
Truly engaging strategies marry practicality with passion. If your innovative thinking makes logical sense but lacks inspiration, consider how it could become more purpose-driven. When there’s a meaningful end goal driving the work, the development process becomes more exciting and fun. Identifying your level of intrinsic motivation to act on an idea is a great way to gauge how effective it will be once it’s real. If you aren’t personally invested in a project, determine where you can add meaningful value, and then get started! If a strategy truly resonates with you, it’s far more likely to leave a lasting impression on others.