Six ways to discover Minnesota’s North Shore.

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Cult-like enthusiasm

How do you position an established collection of resorts as Minnesota’s premier vacation destination?

Create a brand people can love.

Each property has its own vibe, yet all share the same high standards.

An Odyssey Resorts guest arrives with expectations; whether they’re seeking high adventure, a tranquil lakeside escape or fabulous North Shore dining, a thoughtful brand that assures each visitor a highly personalized experience, whichever property they choose.

Great brands are about consistency. Great experiences are about customization.

Because Odyssey Resorts exists to reconnect guests with our natural heritage, guided tours were developed to allow anyone to experience a wide range of activities at whichever property they choose. Led by highly trained, expert staff, each adventure is an opportunity for discovery, and core to the Odyssey brand.

When getting there is half the fun.

We realized that the time-honored road trip was an essential part of the appeal for visiting an Odyssey properties. With that thought in mind, we developed a custom interactive map allowing guests to plan every mile, discovering the food, quirky attractions, historic locations and much more all along the way. After all, when the car starts, so does the trip!

Pics or it didn’t happen!

Short of actually visiting a property, visual assets provide the best means of conveying what sets Odyssey apart. When a client has the vision to invest in the kind of quality and volume that’s critical to a successful social media presence, everything else is elevated, from website videos to dynamic sharable content. It allows potential guests to discover bonfires, misty North Shore trails or the grandeur of a Lake Superior sunrise, from virtually anywhere.

Helping guests take things personally.

Since the heart of the Odyssey Resorts brand is authentic hospitality, every effort is made to not only provide a superb vacation experience, but to foster deep connections with guests all through the year. Through vehicles like “North Shore at Home”, an e-newsletter featuring favorite recipes and activities or “North Shore Conversations”, a video blog spotlighting North Shore notables, visitors find even more reasons to love one of Minnesota’s most beautiful destinations, any time of year.

Here’s to a beautiful future.

A great brand is the ultimate win-win, enriching consumer’s lives, driving local economies, and opening doors to new possibilities. From its solid footing, Odyssey Resorts can continue to provide superior experiences, whenever and wherever opportunities emerge.

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